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Ascorbic acid

The text below is about the active substance ascorbic acid.

ascorbic acid how does it work

  • VITAMIN C ATC code: A11GA01 (A: digestive system and metabolism) Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin.
  •  Vitamin C deficiency causes scurvy which manifests itself in adults by gingivitis accompanied by bleeding at various locations. 
  • Vitamin C is also involved in various cellular redox reactions. i

ascorbic acid indications

  • Treatment of scurvy.
  •  A vitamin dose (10 to 50 mg / 24 hours): prophylaxis of states of deficiency which may appear in an unbalanced or insufficient diet.
  • At a high dose (of the order of 500 mg / 24 hours): traditionally used as an adjuvant treatment for flu-like conditions, coryzas, asthenias.

What products contain ascorbic acid?