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Stomach acidity is a common symptom to be taken seriously, however. Most often, it is simply what is called functional dyspepsia. It manifests itself in difficult digestion after a meal taken under normal conditions.

Bloating, belching more or less annoying and heartburn going up to the throat, these symptoms are annoying to say the least. Sometimes it can cause nausea or even a decrease in appetite. Constipation or on the contrary diarrhea can accompany these phenomena. Depending on the case, these signs can be exacerbated by meals or conversely calmed by them.

Benign affection or disease?

The sudden onset of these symptoms, when nothing has changed in lifestyle or eating conditions, should seek an organic cause. It may be inflammation of the esophagus (esophagitis) or stomach (gastritis), superficial or deep, or tumor lesions, atrophies, or digestive infections such as candidiasis, for example. . We should also mention Helicobacter Pylori, a germ present in the gastric environment, capable of damaging the mucous membranes of the stomach up to the ulcer.

When no pathology comes to explain the appearance of these unpleasant signs, one speaks then of a functional disorder of which one will try to find the reason. For this, the conditions of triggering and repetition of symptoms are important to memorize and specify.

Familiar attacks: food, alcohol, tobacco

One of the possible causes of the occurrence of functional dyspepsia is an imbalance of the diet, in its hourly rhythms as in its composition. A change of canteen accompanying a new job, the introduction of new foods can influence the esophageal dynamics and impair the normal secretion of the stomach. Likewise, alcohol is a major factor in digestive irritation. When associated with smoking, the risk increases exponentially. Bad breath reflects a secretory imbalance.

Psychological balance

The personal, family and social environment must be taken into account. Indeed, it is common for such symptoms to appear as a result of a psychological problem. The compensation of an emotional trauma can be done in the digestive mode as in the migraine, insomniac or anxious mode, to name but a few.

Personalized treatment

The profile of each individual differs, of course. Some people tolerate symptoms caused by real organ damage. Others, on the contrary, amplify signs that nothing organic can explain. Hypochondria (state of the subject permanently worried about his health) is expressed particularly well by digestive pain!

It is therefore necessary to analyze what the person hopes or fears about his condition. This indicates the difficulty that physicians experience in resolving a large number of situations.

A good approach to these digestive problems involves de-dramatization. A few well-chosen examinations: blood test, fibroscopy, specific x-rays if necessary, are generally sufficient to specify the framework of the symptoms.

It may be worth experimenting with some behavior and lifestyle changes. Very often, a simple anti-acid and anti-bacterial treatment, combined with psychological support, is enough to bring digestion back to normal.

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