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Definition of the term hypothyroidism or Endocrinology

Hypothyroidism results from a decrease in the secretion of thyroid hormones .

It is due:

  • – either to direct damage to the thyroid tissue ( thyroiditis most often such as Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroiditis, or post-surgical, or even secondary to treatment with radioactive iodine, etc.);
  • – either a hormonal synthesis defect which can be congenital (rare), by overload or deficiency in iodine or of medicinal origin;
  • – or still secondary to a non-thyroid disease but affecting its functioning.

The thyroid hormone deficiency affects many organs:

  • – central nervous system: memory loss , depressive state (see depression , slowness, sometimes abnormal movements ;
  • – heart: slowing of the heart rate , high blood pressure , pericardial effusion (see pericarditis). ..;
  • – lungs: sleep apnea , pleurisy …;
  • – digestive system : slowed intestinal transit with constipation ;
  • – integuments: dry, rough skin, permanent chilliness, generalized puffy appearance;
  • – others: weakness and increase in muscle volume, weight gain …