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Antipyretics drugs

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Definition of the term  Antipyretics or feverish state:

Hyperthermia : abnormal rise in body temperature:

  • -> either under the effect of an environmental hot or intense muscular work in a hot and wet environment ( heat stroke ) with overflow of the adaptive capacity of the body (skin, respiratory, cardio vascular );
  • -> either (fever) during an infectious process, when taking certain drugs ( allergic reaction or not) …
  • -> either immune process with release of substances which will induce a febrile response at the cerebral level (this same mechanism can be found during trauma or other brain disorders).

– Malignant hyperthermia is defined by the increase in body temperature above 40 ° C, which can quickly reach 43 ° C. Whether it occurs following an intense muscular effort or during anesthesia or medication …, it manifests itself by disorders of consciousness, relaxation or on the contrary muscular rigidity , profuse sweating , acceleration respiratory and cardiac rhythms, hypertension , kidney and liver damage …

– The evolution of a malignant hyperthermia can be fatal by cardio-respiratory failure.

– Peranesthetic malignant hyperthermia: set of exceptional, serious, poorly understood manifestations occurring during general anesthesia, induced by anesthetics and associating non-specific symptoms such as:

  • -> increase in central body temperature> 43 °, increase in CO2 at the end of expiration , associated with arterial hypertension or unstable arterial pressure …,
  • -> an acceleration of the heart rhythms ( tachycardia ) and respiratory (tachypnea),
  • -> muscle rigidity …