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Choline salicylate

The text below is about the active substance Choline salicylate.

Action mechanism

Choline salicylate is a very water-soluble compound which is rapidly absorbed by the mucosa; its analgesic effect manifests itself in a few minutes.

What is choline salicylate used for?

In combination with ketalkonium chloride , choline salicylate is used in the management of:

  • stomatitis,
  • mouth ulcers.
In combination with chlorobutanol and hexetidine, choline salicylate is used in the management of:
  • infections of the oral cavity,
  • postoperative care in stomatology.

How do you use choline salicylate gel?

  • Choline Salicylate + Lidocaine helps relieve pain and inflammation caused by mouth ulcers, sore gums and denture irritation.
  • Apply it over the affected area with a clean fingertip, three to four times a day or as directed by your doctor.
  • Stop using this medicine and inform your doctor if any irritation occurs.

What class of drug is choline salicylate?

Choline salicylate is a hydroxybenzoic acid. It derives from a salicylic acidCholine salicylate is an anti-inflammatory pain reliever agent that is related to aspirin. It is used to decrease swelling and to treat mild-moderate pain.

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