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The text below is about the active substance Benfluorex.

how Benfluorex works

  • Pharmacotherapeutic group: other antidiabetics except insulin ATC code: A10BX06 Mediator actions on carbohydrate metabolism: In animals, the following effects have been observed: ·
  • facilitation of the penetration and cellular use of glucose (rat); Decrease in hyperglycemia in diabetic rats (insulin-protective or not), decrease in hyperglycemia (measured by the area of ​​HPO) in rabbits.
  • Mediator has no action on insulin secretion; hypoglycaemia is unlikely.
  • Complementary effect of Picks: A drop in uric acidemia of about 14% was observed in obese hyperuricaemic patients treated with Picks in combination with an adapted diet.

benfluorex indication

  • this drug was used as an adjunct to an adapted diet in diabetics with overweight.

benfluorex drug use

  • Medicines containing benfluorex have not been available in France since November 30, 2009.
  • The measure to suspend the MA for the medicines concerned followed the evaluation of data establishing the risk of heart valve damage when these medicines presented modest efficacy in their only remaining indication.

What drugs have benfluorex in them?